Thanks to your skills, your training and your will, you have reached a position of responsibility. Women who rise to the head of a company or a department of a large company owe it to their know-how but they wish to strengthen their hierarchical position by presenting themselves with an outfit that leaves no doubt about their place. in the organization chart. More and more of them are asserting themselves in strategic positions within the business world. Women are daring. They are daring and assume their femininity and elegance in a meeting room or in the gallery.

Whatever your field of work, you will have a wise choice to make to select what will best meet your expectations to strengthen your image as a business or sector manager.

How to dress and make sure that at first glance you will be seen as the boss?

The essential tailor: basic piece of the business woman

They are sure to be your best friend in the workplace. Look for the models that best suit your body type, whether it’s a jacket and skirt or pants. It’s up to you to know if you are more comfortable with a skirt or pants, maybe the nature of your activities will make you opt for a solution. Choose pants or skirts in shades like gray, black, navy blue, white and pair them with neutral shoes and chic, understated jewelry.   Women’s tailored jacket, gray

The timeless pencil skirt for a chic and serious style

The pencil skirt is perfectly suited to your professional functions. They can be the basis of your dressing room. It is a good choice to assert yourself in your duties, a white blouse or a silk blouse; a belt, a pair of pumps and some jewelry will complete your look. Knee length is recommended and dark shades will be the safest for your branding. Your confidence and your desire to show your personality can focus on more vitamin shades.

A structured dress for a classy, ​​formal and feminine look

We all find that female journalists like different personalities on the small screen flaunt themselves with pretty dresses. A well-cut dress that fits your figure will be flawless for work. You can choose a model with original prints or checks or a fantasy in the cut to renew your sartorial appearance. You can break your attitudes by modifying your hairstyle as well as the jewelry that finalizes your outfit. To amplify your elegance, choose with care a pair of tights that will strengthen your feminine silhouette   Professional dress, V-neckline

Pants to combine elegance and ease

As work dresses Loose pants are still very relevant today. There is a wide variety of dark or even pastel shades to choose from. Wear your pants with soft blouses or lace tops to break up the masculine allure of a somewhat strict ensemble. The shoes will be selected according to your activities of the day, pumps, moccasins or a pair of ankle boots will be perfect.   Women’s wide-leg pants, flared fit, black

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