Which shoe is the best? What size? Why are there cheap and expensive shoes? We give you some tips to choose a good shoe and not leave your foot or pocket in it. When you’ve learned this, take a look at our manual for types of dress shoes and when to wear each one.

We live in a time when we have believed that luxury is speed. We can choose the shoe that we want almost anywhere and when we want. Everything is within reach. Thus, we have forgotten how important it is to spend time on things, take care of details, wait a little. Buy shoes, for example. Buying shoes consists of

  • Going to the store
  • Choosing the one we like and ordering a size
  • Touching our fingers a little to see if they touch the tip. And that’s it.

However, the process should involve us much more. It is not a question of money (although yes, a good shoe costs as all good things cost; with money there are rarely shortcuts), but a problem of dedication. What do you have to take into account when choosing the right shoe? How to buy a good one?

Expert Advice

The expert gives us more advice. “You have to measure the length of the shoe but also the width, something more complicated. If over time we see wrinkles or folds in the upper part, we have not chosen the appropriate width.” The shoe has to fit well on our foot and it should never dance inside. “Today there are not many modern men’s shoes and, if there are, they are not comfortable. That is why I have launched my own collection!”, He says. He has decided to add a little more padding to the interior, something that prevents chafing in the first wear of the shoe. Look at the oxford shoes too.

Making of the Shoe

Something important when choosing a shoe knows how it is built, which will also determine its final price. Basically, we talked about how the upper is attached to the sole. The most famous method is called Goodyear Welt, which uses double stitching between the upper, midsole and sole and adds a perpendicular spring. It is the most resistant and although initially the shoe will seem harder, it will end up being much more comfortable with use; In addition, it can be identified in the store because the stitching is visible.

The Other System

The second system is called Blake Stitch, a unique stitch that joins all the pieces inside. The last one would be glued, more economical. The sole (leather or rubber, in different variants) and the type of leather of the upper part (with or without grain, matte or glossy) finish defining the type of shoe. Materials are crucial to the price: inexpensive shoes will have polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber, polyester, and inferior quality leathers. The difference will be the durability.

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