Whether you’re picking out a date-worthy outfit or going out on the town with friends, the maxi dress is an easy choice due to its crazy versatility.

Not only is it going to be super comfortable, breathable, and fits most body types, it also can go from glam to casual in seconds!

The trick to wearing maxi dresses on-the-daily lies in your styling techniques. Keep reading to learn how to wear a maxi dress casually.

Layering Technique

Even the simplest style can look super polished with the right kind of layering. It instantly makes you look put together like a pro. You can layer a maxi dress with a blazer or jacket to either dress up or tone down your style.

Colorful or bright printed boutique dresses can go from eye-catching to laid back by using a denim or leather jacket. This will also help you stretch your maxi dress options well into the colder months.

Fitted jackets are also a great way to create shape and structure for your outfit. Which makes your flowy maxi dress even more flattering on your figure. Depending on the shape of your maxi you can go with more loose-fitting jackets or dress it down with a hoodie.

Wear a T-Shirt

To turn your maxi instantly into an effortless outfit you can take anywhere, simply throw on a cotton t-shirt over your dress. You can still show off that flowy skirt without looking like you’re headed to an elegant affair.

You can take this look to brunch, to the beach, or a backyard barbeque. Mix up your look by wearing a shirt that is contrasting colors. This will really make it pop. If your maxi dress has a complex print then go with a solid t-shirt.

But if your maxi dress is a solid or plain color, you can have fun with a printed t-shirt. Depending on the weather, you can opt for wearing a sweatshirt or sweater over your maxi dress. That way you can enjoy your maxi dress well into the cool evening in a snap.

Grab Some Pants

If you have a shirt maxi dress then you can even pair it with pants. This works great in the colder months and also tone down your dress to a more casual look. A pair of jeans is great for a weekend out or you can pair it with slacks for a casual Friday at the office.

We suggest going with skinny jeans or tighter fitted slacks to offset the flowy, shapelessness of the maxi dress. Or if you prefer, you can wear a pair of leggings with boots during the fall months.

Wear Sneakers

How can you make your maxi dress even more comfortable? Pair it with a cute pair of sneakers! This is a growing trend that everyone is on board with. You get to wear your favorite maxi dress but still be up for a day of adventure.

Sneakers instantly turn your maxi dress into an intentionally casual outfit. Just be sure to pair it with sneakers that make sense. Clean white sneakers look polished and put together with maxi dresses.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress Casually

These are just one of the many ways to wear a maxi dress. Now that you know how to wear a maxi dress casually, you’re ready to tackle an exciting day in style!

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