If you want to know how to dress retro, you’re not alone. The cycles of history are well-known phenomena, whether in politics, fashion, or elsewhere.

But as Mark Twain once said: “History never repeats itself but it often rhymes.” What does that have to do with dressing retro? Keep reading to find out!

Vintage vs Retro

Dressing “vintage” sounds nice, but it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth. In a nutshell, vintage clothing is the actual clothing from the era you’re emulating. That does carry a certain romance—but it also carries headaches like fragile fabrics, high prices, delicate cleaning methods, and a lack of options.

Dressing retro is a much more accessible option. Retro clothing is modern clothing that looks like vintage clothing, more or less. That means that you get the stylistic benefits of vintage fashion but with modern durability, minimal expense, and a lot more options.

How to Dress Retro

Now that you know the key benefits of dressing retro, we’re ready to jump in. Below, we’ll discuss key stylistic elements like mixing, modeling, and formality.

Emulate a Star

When you’re trying out new personal styles, it’s easy to get lost, start in the wrong place, or get so overwhelmed that you never even start. One great way to avoid that is by choosing a personal model to emulate.

When you think of retro looks that draw you in, does anyone in particular come to mind? Like a movie star, rock star, pin-up model, or historical figure? If no one stands out, you can also look to modern celebrities for ideas about hitting your ideal retro look.

Don’t be shy to adopt their style; you can pull it off as long as you adapt it to yourself. In the end, style is about personal expression.

Look at it like this: would you rather have fashion and no style or style and no fashion? Keep that in mind when you draw from retro looks to create your own.

Casual vs Formal

When most people think of dressing retro, they think of formal wear first—dresses and suits

Of course, dressing retro doesn’t have to mean dressing up. You can also go for a casual look with simple retro shirts or bell-bottom jeans.

Mix and Match

Here’s where the Mark Twain quote comes into play. Despite the mass appeal of retro fashion, it’s still the exception rather than the rule. That means you have a lot of flexibility in adapting a retro look to fit with a modern look—precision doesn’t matter (unless you’re making an historical movie).

If you’re only blending styles a little, not many people would know the difference. That said, you may choose to make a bold statement and smash two eras together into one novel look. When it comes to personal style, you have total creative license.

Confidence: The Secret Ingredient

When it comes to personal expression, you have a lot of options. But at the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel. And how you feel translates into how you look.

Prioritize your own comfort and fun above the opinions of the crowd. By doing so, you’ll look better and, more importantly, you’ll enjoy yourself more.

Express Yourself

Now that you know how to dress retro, the next step is easy: get started! It’s more fun than you might think.

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