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As women of the faith, you’re called to focus on your inner beauty rather than outer beauty and allow others to see Christ through you. If people are distracted by what you’re wearing, how can you expect to minister to them the gospel of Christ?

This leads to the question: “How should a Christian woman dress?” We’re glad you’ve come to this page because here you’re going to find a brief guide that outlines how a woman should dress to protect their modesty.

Continue reading to find out all of these useful wardrobe tips.

Dresses or Skirts

The first items on our list can be tricky to figure out because there are various styles and cuts of dresses and skirts available. As a Christian woman, you should be careful about the options you choose to wear.

When selecting skirts and dresses, ensure that the length covers the majority of your thighs. You should also aim to choose items that aren’t made of clingy materials like spandex.

When clothing is clingy, it will outline areas of your body that you want to keep covered. According to the Bible, being modest is about not exposing areas that are only meant for your partner’s eyes.


There are various shorts and blouses that will protect your modesty and be fashionable at the same time. The key is finding tops that won’t cling to your breasts and accentuate them.

When making a choice between a tightly fitted top or a loose one, you should always opt for the top that fits looser.


Pants are another tricky topic to cover when it comes to the Christians Women’s wardrobe. Pants should be avoided because they are seen as masculine in the church. The reason that it’s considered masculine is that pants are made to help men complete work.

Women shouldn’t wear them because it outlines sexual regions, including the buttocks. Therefore, a way to ensure proper Christian dress is to wear skirts and dresses instead of pants.


In the Christian faith, swimsuits, including bikinis and two-piece suits, are way too revealing. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go swimming. Just plan to always wear a cover-up when you’re swimming.

This will keep you from exposing certain areas of your body. Swimming is the one event where it’s suitable for women to wear shorts as they’re moving about in the water.

An extra step that you can take to protect your modesty is selecting a large t-shirt to wear in the water.

There’s much more about Christian clothing that you’re going to want to know to help you continue to make the best wardrobe choices. However, these tips will help you get started down the right path.

How Should a Christian Woman Dress? Now You Know

When it comes to answering the question: “How should a Christian woman dress?” we have given you the blueprint. All that’s left to do is find clothing that fits your style and is respectful at the same time.

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