Want to change up your wardrobe? Not sure how to do it? Check out these 7 men’s fall fashion trends that you can try out this season.

If you’re like many men, you’re interested in revamping your style this autumn. The only problem is that you’re not sure where to start. What types of changes should you make in your wardrobe?

Figuring out what looks are right for fall can be a difficult thing to do, but we can help you out with finding what’s on-trend for this year.

Let’s go through the best men’s fall fashion trends for you to check out. Keep reading to find out what you need to know before the summer ends.

  1. Mix Up Your Shoes

Want to take a minimalistic approach to mix up your fashion? Start from the ground up, literally! Changing up your shoes is an amazing way tot totally mix up your whole look with very little time and effort.

Trying a new boot, perhaps some shorter ones you can tuck the top of your pants into, can totally change your entire look in no time flat. Plus, boots are super convenient if you happen to live in a rainy and grey region. But, boots are just one of the options you might want to try out. Find the shoes that work best for you!

  1. Go Back to Basic

Are you feeling lazy? Well, luckily for you, an all-black look is back on trend once again. Wearing all black eliminates the need to coordinate and will keep you looking sleek and modern all season long. However, you should make sure that you’re sticking with one shade of black.

Otherwise, you’ll end up looking mismatched or faded. And make sure to follow proper laundering instructions to keep your new sophisticated clothes the blackest black they can be!

You can also check out traditional men’s fashion to get even more inspiration for your new fall look.

  1. Knit, Knit, Knit

A variety of colorful sweaters in different textures and patterns can mix up your style game easily and keep you toasty warm during the late fall. Here are a few patterns you may want to consider during your journey through patterns:

  • 1980’s Geometrics
  • Paisley throwback prints
  • Stripes and polka dots
  • Simple solids in bright colors
  • Classic and simple argyle
  • Themed sweaters, like for holidays
  • Animals, dinosaurs, and other novelty options

The above are just a few of the amazing patterns you can introduce into your sweater wardrobe. Find what patterns strike your fancy, and take a chance on what you find.

  1. Layer It Up

Layering is a great way to introduce different elements to your fashion while keeping yourself properly dressed for the weather. Having a blazer available to go over your hoodie or sweater can keep you looking classy while keeping you warm. Or, putting an overshirt over your classic white tee shirt can take your outfit to a whole new stratosphere.

Having plenty of layers available can also help you mix up your wardrobe on a budget since adding or removing one piece can totally change up your look!

  1. Focus on the Accents

Paying attention to the accessories is really important when you’re paying attention to your style this fall. For example, picking the right type and color of belt can totally change the entire look and feel of your outfit.

And, you should make sure that your accessories go together. Your watchband, belt, and shoes, if they are made of leather, should be the same shade of leather to make sure that they don’t clash. Here are some other accessories you might want to consider when putting together your new fall fashion:

  • Hats and beanies
  • Scarfs
  • Cufflinks
  • Watches
  • Gloves

These are just a sampling of the many, many different types of accessories you can work into your wardrobe this fall. Be creative, and find the combination that is right for your tastes. And, remember to consider the weather in your area when you’re picking your accessories (and your outfit overall).

  1. Plaid Forever

Plaid is a mainstay when it comes to prints that are popular in the autumn. Throwing on a flannel over your outfit will immediately add a new panache to your outfit.

And, you should be coordinating the color of your plaid print with the rest of your outfit. For example, if you’re going with dark jeans, go with a classic big red plaid for your flannel or blazer for the perfect balance of colors together. But, if you are going for a plaid pattern, you should keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Clashing patterns can be cool, but when you’re starting out you should start off slow. Stick with just one pattern (in this case, plaid) and stick to solids for the rest of your outfit. That way, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

  1. Pick the Right Jeans

Making sure you have the right type of jeans are always important when it comes to fall, especially when it comes to trends. Try a skinny or straight leg pant this year and you’ll always look like you’re on the cutting edge of fashion.

And, when you’re picking a jean color for fall, you should be going with a darker color of jeans, such as a shade of indigo. Or, if you want to stay on theme, just try a black jean! Choosing an appropriate pair of jeans for your fall look is really important for making sure you look as spiffy as possible in all situations this autumn.

Men’s Fall Fashion Trends Are Just the Beginning

These are just a few of the amazing men’s fall fashion trends you can check out this year. There are so many other options out there for you to try out!

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