Engagement rings are as unique as the lady’s hand who wears them. That’s why it’s essential to find a ring and jewellery designer that suits your style. Whilst traditional pieces will always be in fashion, there is a large number of new designers making a big impact in the bridal jewellery world.

We want to introduce you to the engagement ring designers every woman needs to know about https://www.whiteflash.com/about-diamonds/tips-and-advice/top-12-engagement-ring-designers-1515.htm).


All Tacori bridal jewellery is handcrafted by highly skilled jewellers in California, America. The very detailed artisan jewellery truly reflects the family legacy. The signature style is defined by a characteristic crescent silhouette, which provides pockets of light to reflect the brilliance of the stunning diamonds placed within each crescent semi-circle. The exclusive look and feel of the design is as perfect as it is beautiful.


Jewellery designer Micro has been designing pieces for over 30 years. He works in studios in Venice, London and Hong Kong. This jewellery designer’s collections are precise, stylish and each piece is handcrafted. The material is not considered as an inactive element but as a mutable essence that makes energy. Some of his collections look like wearable sculptures, the strong contrasts among shiny and rough surfaces.  If you’re looking for a truly unique engagement ring, look no further than NOÖI.


Since launching Danhov in 1984, jewellery designer Jack has built a business that combines his love of artistic design with his love for modern technology. Danhov is the product of that unique creative blend of talents and it shows in the fresh styling and high calibre of every piece. This brand is all about fashion-forward, wearability and resilience design. His pieces are of heirloom quality and each delicate piece is handcrafted with creative techniques.

William While Design

If you’re a woman who loves contemporary, organic jewellery William is your guy. He is based in Cornwall, UK, and his designs range from simple rounds to complex shapes. He uses techniques and processes that haven’t changed in hundreds of years. With each new design, he gets to work by hammer and file then solders the metal into shape and then sets the stones by hand.

Simon G

Simon G features some of the broadest collection of fine jewellery of any of the leading brands out there. His pieces have superb styling and impeccable craftsmanship behind them. The namesake and inspiration behind the brand Simon G, is Simon Ghanimian, a master jeweller who emigrated from Beirut to Los Angeles with his wife over thirty years ago. Beginning from scratch with nothing but passion, a strong work ethic and an optimistic and fun-loving attitude (and tons of talent), Simon has become one of the most respected and sought after designers.

Make sure you choose the engagement ring worthy of your eternal love.

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