Since there was a sport, there was fashion too. Even in the medieval time, when men were spending time outside competing, the women were doing the same with their clothes, behavior, and appearance.

Today, sport and fashion are all mixed up and we can’t tell where one ends so the other can begin. Sportsmen dress like fashion moguls off the arenas and models are showing themselves in front of the paparazzi in sportswear.

Mixing these two clothing lines gave us what is today known as the sports fashion. On and off the gym clothes can be used for all purposes. No matter if you’re about to go training or you just go for a walk, you can wear this type of clothing. See this link for a definition of sportswear.

Sportswear for women

Back in 1930, sportswear was formed as a term. Back then, women started wearing designed clothes that are less formal and were worn on special occasions that require a more relaxing approach. Today, the term sportswear has a pretty wide range of meanings.

Women didn’t take too much part in sports back in the day. Unlike today when millions of women are practicing some type of sport. Even away from the sporting arenas, women love wearing sportswear for occasions that allow them to do it.

A lot of fashion brands, if not almost all, have at least one line that is dedicated to sports fashion. Knowing that women mostly indulge in moderate sports, such as hiking, yoga, fitness, and similar, the companies are making most of their clothes for these occasions. Here is a nice example of what sportswear site looks like –

Of course, companies dedicated to creating clothes for sport have more sportswear and equipment for different sports, but this is a topic that we’ll talk on another occasion.

Clothes for women’s sports fashion

Fashion companies know that modern women spend a lot of time every day working out and staying in shape. They are constantly designing new pieces that look better, but more importantly, pieces that are better, more durable and with a better feeling.

The most important three parts of the women’s sportswear and activewear are yoga pants, bras, and tops. Girls into sports know that they need clothes that are lightweight enough and also feel good on their skin. That’s why it’s important the tops be made fully of cotton, while the yoga pants and the bras should be made part of cotton and part of a mix of materials that give the clothes flexibility and durability. Such materials are spandex, lycra, polyester, etc.

Sportswear for men

As long as there was a sport on this planet, there was the fashion for the people practicing it. Not just on the field, but also before and after the competition. The sporting fashion really took off in the 20th century when the suits used for the occasions afterword started to be more casual and the term sports fashion established.

Today, big sportswear companies run serious businesses as men are into sports like never before. New fashion lines are produced at least twice a year presenting new models and better solution in every aspect.

Clothes for men’s sports fashion

Even though women pay a lot more attention to this, there are more options for men. Men have more options for leg clothes, shoes, and shirts. Still, men are less complex when it comes to sportswear and they don’t mind wearing anything as long as they are able to practice with ease.


When in the 1930s for the first time fashion got out of the strict line of order and became more casual, it kept the term up to the day. Sports fashion has stayed as a term up to this day. However, sportswear or sports fashion, shouldn’t be mixed and confused with the term activewear. See here more about this difference:

Activewear is the line of clothing designed for people participating in sporting events. It is a huge industry as millions of people take part in sports like football, basketball, baseball, etc.

One thing remains as a conclusion. Fashion and sports always have and always will have an unbreakable link between them.

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