Think of any delicious meal, and then ponder on all the ingredients that come together to make this gastronomic delight, and that’s pretty much how a successful hair salon is created. The right amount of skill and know how, mixed with a positive energy from the staff, and add to that the perfect physical environment and there you have it! Oh, and let’s not forget a liberal spreading of motivation and determination, which cannot be overlooked. If you happen to use a very popular hair salon, next time you visit, take the time to observe and you will likely notice the following.

  • Friendly and Outgoing Staff – The people who work there are very much the core ingredient, and as soon as you walk in, you have a feeling that this is a pleasant environment. Ambience is like style – you either have it or you don’t and with a salon, it is the staff who make the ambience. Such would be the relaxed atmosphere, that having your hair done quickly becomes secondary to the overwhelming feeling that comes with being the centre of attention. The stylists work their magic in a relaxed manner, having the quiet confidence that seems to follow talented people, and her creative streak is the reason why you are always being complimented over your hair. If you live in Perth, you can experience such an ambience at Subiaco hair salons, but make sure you book well in advance, as these trendy salons are always very busy.
  • Quality Décor – Designed with aesthetics and practicality in mind, the ideal salon would be a bright place, with light shiny surfaces, and of course, the place would be spotlessly clean. Open plan ensures that everyone has good visibility and with half screen partitions, the stylists have their special area where they do their stuff, and each would be adorned with their own personal items, making it feel homely.
  • Cutting Edge Treatments – There are always new and innovative treatments coming onto the scene, and the leading salon would be familiar with the best, offering keratin permanent straightening and human hair extensions, which are very popular today. Hair colouring has come a long way in the past few years, and with quality products that do not harm your hair, you can have a rainbow week without worrying about split ends.
  • Refreshments on Tap – Whether you prefer a Ceylon tea, or perhaps a smoothie, there would be a constant supply of nibbles and refreshing drinks, and once the staff know your preference, you can expect to be greeted with your drink of choice as you arrive.

The hidden ingredient of a successful hair salon is a kind of energy and feeling that is hard to pinpoint, and with skilled stylists who really can deliver, you will look no further for your permanent hair partner.

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