People wear jewellery for all types of reasons and probably do not appreciate the significance of how others can judge depending on the jewellery used.  For example, if you are going for an important business encounter, wearing large hooped hearings may not be seen as appropriate.  There many different types of jewellery that can leave an impressions from watches, rings, earrings, neckless and bracelets.   Handmade jewellery may be something you consider in order to help with conveying a sense of quality and uniqueness and this does not have to be an expensive decision.  There is a misconception that this type of jewellery is really expensive but it does not have to be, there are different places that sell this at really good competitive prices.


 There are many different types of necklaces including ones that can be worn with everyday clothing or ones for that very special occasion to give you that extra glam.  Prices of these will range depending on the material used and number of pearls or even diamonds contained within.    Ranges may also include pearl, silver and semi-precious. Have a look at this pearl necklace range if this is something that you are thinking about and want to create that statement piece.


Something that a lot of women won’t leave the home without is a pair of earrings.  These can be worn for every occasion or for something special.  The more glam the earrings you get the more of a statement you are making.  Think about how you see all of the different earrings in the media and newspapers that different celebrities will wear and how you notice them straight away and what impression it leaves you with.  Select them carefully as they will definitely be something noticed by others.


Probably one of the most common jewellery worn by both males and females is a ring.  Clearly these will be worn for occasions such as engagements and weddings but they are also a pretty common fashion accessory.  Handmade rings are also becoming a lot more common with people where they are looking for that uniqueness and quality.  If you think of the significance of engagements and weddings and the focus that is placed on this piece of jewellery, it’s no wonder that this is a very common handmade item.  Proposing to someone knowing that it is a high quality ring that is completely handmade puts the icing on the cake.


Not a very common piece of jewellery although still worn by both males and females.  The impression this can leave potentially could be mixed therefore be cautious of what impression you are trying to leave.  These can be completely handmade also from all sorts of material including silver and gold.  If you are going for the solid silver or gold look then you can even get a special message engraved on it specifically for your loved one.  In addition to this, if you have lots of spare gold or silver surplus jewellery, why not consider having this melted down and a specific item of your liking made for you.

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