When it comes to your clothing, you want to take great care of it. If you love your clothes, they will love you back by lasting longer than you ever imagined. The wardrobe department on both films and TV sets take great care of their TV/movie costumes to ensure that the clothes look as amazing as the actors. There are a few tips you can follow to help take care of your apparel to ensure that your favorite outfit lasts for a long while

Washing Your Clothes

 Perhaps the most important way to care for your clothes is the washing portion of the care. Every article of clothing needs to be washed at some point. They often collect skin cells, sweat, and other disgusting things which can cause them to stink, become discolored, or even begin to stretch. Before you wash anything, however, you should read the label on the article of clothing. By washing your clothes the way they are intended, you can protect the threads and material from the wear and tear of washing. You should separate your clothes into piles of like apparel to ensure you are washing them in the right cycle, water temperature, and detergent. Make sure nothing needs to be dry cleaned as well


Drying Your Clothes

After washing your clothes, you need to dry them. Ensuring that you dry your clothing the right way is another way to care for the fabric that you wear so often. Some things can be thrown into the dryer, but other things might shrink with too much heat. Checking the tag on your apparel can also tell you how you should dry your clothes as well. Things that might shrink should be hung up to air dry, but other things can be dried by using heat.

Storing Your Clothes

The way you store your clothes can also make a difference to the long-lasting ability of the material. Things like t-shirts, undergarments, socks, and even leggings can be folded and put into dresser drawers, but you would not want to store your sports coats, dresses, or work clothes in your dresser. These items should be hung in a closet where the wrinkles can fall out, and the fabric is not being stretched or compromised by sitting folded for so long. By studying the fabric of your clothing, you can learn which place you should store them. Storage is a great way to keep your closet from becoming cluttered as well because you can put the opposite season’s clothes in storage.

Clean the Stains

Stains can be detrimental to your clothing. They can be unsightly, or they can even ruin a great piece of clothing if they aren’t handled quickly and correctly. As soon as you are able after the stain or spill, begin the cleanup process. There are several great home remedies for removing stains from clothes without ruining the clothes themselves. You should be careful when removing stains, making sure you aren’t putting bleach on colored clothes or harsh chemicals on delicate fabric. If you are unsure how to remove a stain safely, a quick internet search can help you out. Removing stains is a basic part of general care for your clothes.

Trim the Threads

After so long, you might notice your favorite t-shirt sporting a few loose threads from the sleeves or hem. You should never let these threads just sit. They can catch on things, tugging the stitching and fabric, which can cause holes or the hem to come undone. The best way to care for your clothes is to trim away any loose threads or strings from your clothes as soon as you notice them. Waiting too long can cause a problem too big for you to fix, and you might be forced to get rid of your favorite t-shirt.


Making your clothes last for a long time is not as difficult as it sounds. Just as the wardrobe departments for films and TV take care of their costumes, so should you take care of your favorite clothes. Washing, drying, and general care are all a part of tending to your clothes, and you can love your favorite outfits longer by making sure you take the time to give your apparel a little TLC.

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