Some brides and grooms take their wedding photos at the reception site or church, but many are scheduling a photo-shoot well before the big day in a scenic location. In addition to wedding photos, brides and grooms also may prefer to have engagement photos, bridal portraits and other similar images to celebrate the monumental occasion taken with a natural landscape as the background. While the focal point of these portraits is undeniably on the individuals featured in them, the background is an area of critical importance. In fact, many brides and grooms spend hours scouring the Internet and scoping out locations that may be ideal settings for their photos.

Overwhelmingly, brides and grooms select outdoor or natural landscapes as a backdrop for their photos. As you explore the options available for your own wedding, it makes sense to take a closer look at natural landscapes as a backdrop for your own wedding photos. In fact, here are some of the primary reasons why gorgeous outdoor scenes make perfect backgrounds for this type of photography. To get your creative juices flowing, check out VittoreBuzzi Photography.

An Uncomplicated Background

In a panoramic nature scene, the subject of the photo is the natural feature. However, in a wedding photo, the subject is the bride, the groom or the happy color. The bride’s beauty is a focal point, or the couple’s adoration for each other should take front and center in the image. The background in wedding photography enhances the scene, but it should not be so complicated and distracting that it draws attention away from the true subjects.

Natural scenes are uncomplicated yet stunning. Truly amazing scenes are seemingly perfect by design, and their flawlessness makes them ideal for this type of photography. These are scenes that viewers can absorb fully for effect without being distracted by them. Viewers certainly will notice the background and admire it, and the scene sets the tone of the photo. However, this is done in a subtle way that keeps the focus on the subjects.

A Romantic Ambiance

There is a seemingly endless range of natural landscapes that are stunningly beautiful and even romantic. For example, a couple standing on a sun-kissed hill in Tuscany is a truly romantic and timeless image. Wedding photography may also be in popular locations such as Lake Tahoe, the Rocky Mountains, a tropical island and more. You do not necessarily have to travel far away to take advantage of the romance of outdoor settings. Some wedding photos are taken in a well-manicured garden, at a scenic overlook close to the couple’s hometown, along an old country road or on a sprawling plantation with huge shade trees.

While the scenery itself may be romantic in a sense, some images bring to mind romantic movies. For example, many romance films have been set in the Tuscan hills or on plantations in the Deep South. In these cases, the background tells a romantic story of its own that makes the wedding photos even more breathtaking and memorable.


Another great reason to consider outdoor landscapes for wedding photography is the affordability. Couples do not have to spend a fortune paying for the use of venues simply to take lovely photos. Many of the most beautiful landscapes in the world are free for you to view and use in your photos. This includes views of scenic overlooks, in protected parklands and even along country roads.

Weddings can be expensive, and couples often look for every way possible to reduce expenses. However, while couples want to save money, they do not want to give the impression that they have taken the cheap way out. They also may be aware that wedding photos are the tangible memories they will cherish for decades to come. The incredible appeal of natural landscapes and the stunning results they can create in wedding images certainly does not give the impression of frugality and gives photos timeless appeal.

Excellent Lighting

Couples understandably want their photos to turn out beautifully, and one critical aspect of photo quality is lighting. Natural lighting can bathe the subjects in a healthy glow, and lighting throughout the day from sunrise to sunset has different elements that add a unique charm to the landscape and to the subjects. The long shadows at sunset coupled with the warm orange and pink hues can be stunning. Equally, a brilliant blue sky with billowy white clouds can be just as charming. With excellent lighting from above, the colors of the landscape hues may pop.

It may be difficult for a photographer shooting on-site in a church or a hotel lobby to recreate the same exquisite lighting that nature provides. Keep in mind that lighting outdoors cannot be controlled. After all, you cannot choose which days will be cloudy or sunny. However, with a close look at the weather forecast on the days leading up to a photo-shoot, you may be able to revise the day and time to take advantage of the best lighting possible.

Beautiful Colors

Lighting is an excellent natural resource that brings out natural colors, and these colors can be truly amazing. For example, with the right lighting and a great selection of a backdrop, the colors of wildflowers, tree foliage, rivers, lakes and more may come to life. Remember that most brides and grooms choose to wear classic colors in their portraits. The natural colors of these backdrops that the lighting beautifully illustrates draws attention to the couple that are front and center in the image.

In some images, the use of detailed focus on the subjects coupled with a fuzzy or out-of-focus background allows the photographer to take advantage of the natural lighting and beautiful natural colors while still keeping the focus on the couple.

There is a seemingly endless range of natural backdrops for couples to choose from for wedding photography. While it may seem difficult to narrow down the options, a review of other couples’ wedding photos online may make it easier to decide which backdrops and photo techniques are most appealing and preferable.

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