As tiny as they are, your nails play an important role in your body and can depict how well you value grooming and beauty. So you try to ensure your nails are well cared for by applying nail polish or getting it manicured. But creativity has no limits in terms of your nails. Nail art is now available as an advancement to nail care and beauty. You can find a variety of designs you can experiment with and apply on your nails including Ms Mee’s Coffin Nails. Here’s how you can have various nail art designs.


Regular nail polish is used to make these designs. Often, they are accented with glitter and puffed paint. You can choose to get these done in a nail salon or by yourself. A simple toothpick can help you create beautiful designs.


You can find these tiny stickers on the market. You can have them stuck on any nail polish. The choice is all yours!

Air Brush

You will need to buy a spray machine to get this design. However, this service is more affordable if you get it from a salon. You will use the machine to spray a design on your chosen nail.


You can have these pieces arranged in a row along your fingernail’s edge or placed in the middle of the flowers.


Piercing is quite trendy. A nail salon can get your nails pierced. You can ask the nail technician to pierce a nail on every hand with a small hoop.

Texture Techniques

You can use these techniques to give your nails an awesome blow without visiting a salon. They include using nail polish or paint and some household objects to come up with beautiful designs. Polish swirling is one these techniques. It involves painting on a thick layer of any dark or bright nail color and using a toothpick for dabbing a few drops of white into the dark color and swirling colors together.

Choosing nail art designs must be based on the season, occasion and your own personality. Thus, if it’s spring consider using vibrant colors which match the season. Also, you will want to color your nails read during Valentine’s Day.  Finally, you will want to pick a nail color which suits you. Often, what makes you comfortable and confident is the one that you should go for. Remember to make yourself beautiful because you want it instead of doing it for others.

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