Often, with aging, many women start growing several complexes while selecting the dresses or choosing the right makeup options. If you’re in the same dilemma then age gracefully like the old wine that allures more than the new ones. By selecting the clothes and by wearing the right makeup, you can make your looks more edgy.

Try these given makeup tips—

Make your skin radiant with foundation-

Start applying any natural anti aging eye cream to make your face look more wrinkle free and lustrous as you are aging. According to top makeup artists like Sandy Linter- makeup cannot cover wrinkles. Therefore, using the natural creams can be helpful.

Cover the dark circles-

If you are using any anti aging eye cream, make sure that that also removes the dark circles. If not, try some cream that reduces the dark eye circles. Famous dermatologist Nelson Lee Novick, MD, and the author of You Can Look Younger at Any Age: A Leading Dermatologist’s Guide once stated that the lighter makeup projects more while the darker look duller. Therefore, as you are wearing the foundation, you have to use the concealer to hide the dark circles before doing the eye-makeup and the rest of the face.

Pay attention to your nails

By taking good care of both your finger nails and toe nails, you can look impressive. Opt for occasional manicure and pedicure whether by visiting the salons or by trying the home remedies. You can also buy a manicure nail drill which is much in these days, saving both time and money. Learn how to use the e-file on your nails like the pros do in the salons and wear the right nail color after shaping up the nails. You can choose to wear the nail art pieces as well. Make sure it matches your class and age.

Brighten up the eyes-

Use a black eye pencil to widen the lines of the eyes. You can use shadow primer or any base to smoothen out the eyelids. You can try using the natural eye shadows on top of the lids and gray or dark brown on the outer layer of your eyes.

Doing the lips-

These days the mineral based and natural looking lip makeup is much in compared to the bigger and bright eyes. You can choose some soft pink and browns according to your preferences.

Try keeping a natural and nude look as this is much in these days withstanding the age barriers.

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