The evolution of the wedding ring, from rings made of hemp and bamboo, to toe rings and bracelets. It is all dependent on where you live. In most western ceremonies, a wedding ring is made from a precious metals such as gold or platinum and may feature precious gemstones. Wedding rings today are an expensive and thriving industry, however, no-one is really certain where this tradition started. Some people believe it started in ancient Egypt where plants were twisted and braided together into rings and other decorative ornaments. Rings were seen as the perfect symbol of love as a circle has no beginning and no end.

In some parts of India, the ‘wedding ring’ is a toe ring that the bride wears during the ceremony. In France, it is a common practice to exchange a wedding band that features three rings that are interwoven, the three rings stand for ‘faith’, ‘hope’ and ‘love’. In Turkey, the bands are composed of interlocking metal bands that must be arranged in a certain way to form a single ring.

Wearing the ring on the third finger of your left hand is something that is accredited to the Romans. It is worn on that finger because it was thought that there was a vein in it that led directly to the heart, referred to as ‘Vena Amoris’ which translates to ‘Vein of love’. Although scientists have disproved this, this myth still holds credence with a lot of people today as the reason why rings are still worn there. The Romans are also thought to have introduced the idea of rings made of metals namely brass or copper. The giving and receiving of rings were also considered legally binding, tying the woman to the men as their property.

The rings we recognise today began to take shape in the Victorian era, it became popular to have more extravagant rings with precious stones and embellishments. It is a matter of preference, but it is still common to find wedding rings set with diamonds or gemstones. It wasn’t until WWII that men began to wear wedding rings to remind themselves of their wives whilst they were fighting, and the tradition stuck.

A modern couple today looks for contemporary and unique wedding bands. Plain or embellished, but definitely durable. Metals such as stainless steel and titanium have been favoured recently over precious metals. With so much choice and a saturated market, how does one choose? Ritani offers both, classic and elegant options or you may wish to utilise their build your own ring feature that allows complete creative control. Their diamonds are also ethically sourced and rigorously tested. They also guarantee a lifetime warranty and an excellent reputation. Wedding bands are a big decision, they are on your fingers for ideally the rest of your lives and so choosing the right one is important, Ritani has a sea of choices you’re bound to fall in love with one.

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