We all have our different preferences. There are those who seem to just go with the flow as they don’t want to be looked differently or they simply want to blend but there are also those that are really strong willed and they don’t care what others think. So, what type are you? Are you the kind of person that always considers what others will think of you no matter if your own preferences are already sacrificed? Or maybe you are the kind that will really go for your own unique tastes even if you are the only one using it in your crowd?

Nowadays, there are endless products available in the market and some of them can be looked as distasteful by conventional people but are looked differently by those who love them. One example is the skull jewels and accessories. Have you seen one? If you don’t and they are the kind of jewels you have been looking for, only you are kind of embarrassed to wear them, don’t be.  Don’t hide the real you as long as you won’t also overdo it.

As long as there are no other macabre and bizarre meaning why you are using such kinds of accessories, there is really no need to be embarrassed with your own unique preferences. It is you after all!

When accessorizing with skulls like skull rings or skull bracelets and more, these tips below might come in handy:

  • You can use skull belts. Yes, you might turn heads this way but what the heck! This is you and this is what you want. You think that you are really tough even if you are a female. Yes, females can show their ruggedness as well and it would be like you are telling crazy thugs out there to back off as you are not an easy person to reckon with!
  • Do you know that there are also skull watches you can buy! It will be really cool to respond to people who will be asking the time as at the same time, you can show off your cool skull watch! You have a number of options as they come in different variations when it comes to their size, shapes and even designs.

  • Do you want to really look cool while at the same time, different? Then you can pair your skull ring with a skull necklace! This will surely make heads turn your way and for sure, you will also get stares from your friends!
  • To complete your look, you can also use skull earrings! That is right and they also come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Make your look totally different with this set of latest fashion trend!

Indeed there is no need to hide from what you really are! Get out there and show yourself! Make a statement for as long as you are not doing bad to other people, there is nothing wrong in expressing your preferences!

About the author –Tepparit is also fond of wearing skull accessories especially skull rings. For him, there is nothing wrong in expressing yourself!

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