Hair extension has become a fashion trend as it goes with any occasion. Females of all age groups prefer using hair extension. It is not only compatible with short hair, but those who have long hair also prefer using colorful hair extensions. Youngsters are always looking for new look with new hairstyles. Hair cosmetics are quite in demand these days.

Plenty of styles are available in market, and there is not just one company that has captured whole market. Competition is high and at makes every company tensed. They are always into new marketing strategies to promote their business. However, most of them forget that a customer knows you through your name and therefore, it is wise to show off your brand name. That is why custom boxes with logo are equally in demand as it helps not only in promoting brand, but also makes it easier for consumers to remember.

Customized hair extension containers are prepared to ensure that all extensions are kept safely, untangled and in top condition. We provide proper nourishment to our hair, but extensions are fake hair which also needs maintenance so that their shape and quality is balanced. Therefore, customized boxes are made in such a way that they protect hair extensions from all damages and moisture. If all companies keep that in mind, their business can rise at peak.Still there are companies who are struggling with their competitors. If you’re one of them, ensue that these aren’t the mistakes that you’ve been doing –

  • Don’t overstuff all materials related to hair extension in one box, instead make proper space for every material and assort them accordingly. This way, when customer goes through it, they can easily see all items together.
  • Labeling of every box should be correct. This may include all items, brand name, company logo, items included, so that customer doesn’t have to open the box to view everything.
  • Instead of shipping large boxes and wasting money on it also, annoying customer to carry such huge box everywhere, try using not very small but slight bigger than the items included. This will give proper room to every item and your products will not be damaged.
  • Use material and box that can be reused because hair extensions have to be stored in clean area after using it. Therefore make the box convenient and compatible enough to fit anywhere.

Don’t use outdated designs that may show your company to be old and less interested in products and their appearance. Rather, use trendy techniques that will attract customers at one shot. This doesn’t mean that you’ll complicate the package and harass your customer. Just focus on logo and colors to make it flashier.

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