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Did you know that the anime industry made about 19 billion dollars during 2017? The animation industry has been dominating the entertainment scene. Japanese animations are often what people around the world look forward to the most.

The Japanese animation industry began sending their products worldwide during the late 1980s. Anime has only continued to grow throughout the years. It provides a limited perspective on the making of service products to the local otaku.

One thing known by the many industry sectors is that Japanese animations make a lot of money. They gather large earnings on both TV and websites is an advertisement for its merchandise.

Anime products are novelty and are often hard to find. This makes them good gifts for your otaku friend. Here are 5 anime-themed presents you’d like to check out.

  1. Otaku T-Shirts

Anime fans are quirky, smart, and cool in their own ways. Each one of them has a separate selection of wants when choosing merchandise. However, they all agree that the best products for the fanbase are t-shirts.

This is why t-shirts are the most popular option for gifts. The only problem can be choosing a shirt that they like. They may want specific brands, colors, messages, fabrics, and of course, anime.

Consider the body shape of the person. If the one you’re getting the shirt for is a woman, you can get a straight or fitted outfit. For men, you will want to get a triangular or looser size.

The t-shirt can have a fun and meaningful message to support your friend. Once you’ve considered these factors, you’ll have no problem shopping for the gift. To make it even more appealing, you may want to spray the t-shirt with their preferred otaku scents.

  1. Weeb Hoodies and Sweaters

Hoodies and sweaters are great gifts to give. They provide comfort and warmth during the cold weather. Better yet, you don’t have to need a reason to wear one.

Everyone loves hoodies, and anime fans like to show off their interests in anime. They’re made from a different kind of fabrics and can display messages. It can be a joke, quote, signature, or even curses that the otaku world can enjoy.

Compared with t-shirts, hoodies can cost you a pricey amount. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you need only choose the right brand to get the most out of it. You need only to get the one that will complement the style of the wearer.

What better gift to give to the holidays? The clothing can have Naruto, Bleach, One-Piece, Fairy Tail, or even a Black Butler hoodie design. Whether your friend knows the anime, they’re bound to appreciate the effort.

  1. Anime Accessories

Shopping for anime accessories can be fun. You get to see new cool anime gears for sale. With many materials to choose from, it’s often hard trying to pick one.

Does it them, or do they need it? These are questions you should answer when choosing the gift. Get the one that will show the most application in their daily lives.

You can give them an anime-themed bag to put their stuff. Headphones to listen to cool anime OSTs so they can enjoy them on the go. An anime character’s gear or equipment if your otaku friend is into cosplaying.

This kit can be either for young or mature anime fans. What’s great about them is that they can wear them with any of their outfits. This ensures that they get a lot out of your gift.

  1. Collectibles and Figurines

If you’re feeling more generous, you can always buy an anime figurine for your otaku friend. It is the best gift you can give for an anime fan that likes collecting merchandise to display.

Most otakus collect 3D model figurines. They’re often made from plastic, resin, or wood and will have a beautiful artistic design. However, the price of most 3D collections is expensive, so make sure you have enough when going out to buy one.

There are many categories when choosing the right figure. The figure can be moveable by having an articulation display. They can even have a scale-scale size based on the actual size of the character.

The only problem for picky collectors is that looking for a specific figurine can be hard. This is often the case when your friend is looking for a model that’s old and out of production, or is new and is in high demand in the market. If it’s a limited edition figurine, it’s best that you look for them from other sellers, instead.

If all else fails, you can always get your friend an otaku box. These are packages that contain merchandise that is sure to impress your friend.

  1. Journals and Books

A manga or doujinshi book is what the otaku foundation is often built on. Without the framework of the manga, there will be no inspiration for the anime. It’s where you or your friend can start to appreciate the works of anime.

Manga is important due to its simplistic art designs in telling a story. It can tackle various issues from history, mystery, fantasy, or even sci-fi. No matter what it may be, you can be sure that your friend will read these books as entertainment.

Other than mangas, journal and artbooks are fun gift ideas. With journals, they can write what has happened in their days. While artbooks can train them to practice their coloring and drawing skills.

Give Your Otaku Friend a Fashionable Gift Today

No matter what the occasion, giving an anime-themed gift is always appreciated. Anime’s art style and design are famous around and well-appreciated by many. Find one for your otaku friend and make their day with these fantastic gift ideas today!

Are you looking for more ideas on what you can give to a friend who’s quite particular? If traditional gifts and gestures aren’t enough, it’s time for you to bust out the unique and crazy ideas. Check out more of our guides to help you pick a unique gift for your particular friend today!

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