Buying your engagement ring is a big decision. Back in the past, men used to buy a special ring for their ladies, depending on what they liked. Now, it is more like a collaborative decision. An engagement ring is your first purchase as a couple, and it needs to be as special as possible. In this post, we will talk about simple steps and suggestions for finding the best ring for your beloved.

Start with a budget

Engagement and wedding rings come in all sorts of budget, depending on the gemstone and metals. Of course, the brand is also an important consideration. Since this is something that will last a lifetime, it’s wise to find the best you can afford. Set a budget for your purchase, so that you can keep looking for more options.

Classic vs. cool

New age engagement rings are quirky and very unconventional, and you will find options in smaller budgets too. However, classic cuts still rule hearts. Talk to your partner about her preferences. If she likes a brilliant round diamond, her wish should be your command. Some of the known brands like McGuire Diamonds are known to make a variety of options, exclusively in diamonds.

Buying diamonds

Engagement rings look best when adorned with diamonds, and buying diamonds can be a bit tricky. You need to look for three important things – carat, color and the cut. Colorless diamonds are expensive and worth paying for, while the cut refers to the shape and facets of the diamond. As for clarity, you should look for the marking call IF, which means a diamond is internally flawless. Finally, the carat is the actual weight of the stone. Most people believe that large diamonds are better, but it’s a mix of all these aspects that must be considered.


Choosing a metal

When it comes to wedding and engagement rings, yellow gold and platinum are the most loved options, although an increasing number of couples are now opting for rose gold, as well. It is best to choose something that complements your skin stone, although personal preference is also a factor. Yellow gold always holds more value in the market, while platinum is more like an eternal choice. You might also choose something that matches or syncs with your wedding band, especially if the wedding date is close.

Check online to find more inspiring ideas for your wedding and engagement rings.