A lot of us avoid white because it shows everything you don’t want it to. White can be a very unforgiving colour (especially when you spill your Starbucks down it!).

We have the best tips for you on how to wear white, and how to do it right!

  • Don’t be scared – The thought of wearing white head-to-toe is intimidating. It’s enough to make you want to put on all black for the next month! BUT, spring is coming. So we need to step away from the dark colours and bring some brightness back into our wardrobe. Don’t be scared to try white. It might just work.
  • Be confident – Wearing white takes confidence. Put those thoughts to bed that wearing white can be tacky. If you do it right, it can be amazing. Do some experimenting with your white clothes. Mix and match to see what looks you love and wear that white with confidence!
  • Be versatile – White is a super versatile colour. It goes with everything. So try it with everything. You never know what super stylish outfit you might put together.
  • Lay off the makeup and fake tan – Bronze tanner and fake tan does not go with white. If you know you’re going to be wearing white, lay off it for a few days beforehand.
  • Wear nude underwear – Take the black bra off if you’re going to wear white. We can totally see your knickers!
  • Go for it – If in doubt, wear all white! Finding nothing to match your white jeans isn’t a problem. Whip out the white-tee and have a bolder look.
  • Pair it with the right shoe – Choosing the right pair of shoes to go with a white outfit is crucial. The best way to go is to choose a white shoe as well.
  • Accessories – Spring is the time for big statement jewellery in bright colours. Try a white tee with a bright coloured necklace. Wow!
  • Try some gold – Gold and white is a match made in heaven. Bling it up!

Are you wanting to wear white, but have no idea where to start? If you are in the capital, an experienced personal stylist in London can hook you up with this springs latest white trends. You’ll be looking stunning in no time!