These days, a wide variety of clothes are available for men that come in different sizes. Same is the case with a trouser. A lot of trousers are available in the market in different style, pattern, color and size. So, choosing the right style that is perfect for your body type could be quite frustrating.  You need to choose something that is not only flattering, but also hides the flaws and at the same time adds versatility to the wardrobe.

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However, before you choose a trouser, you should be aware of the different styles of trousers that are present in the market and the trouser that will suit your personality. Here is a list of trouser types from which you can choose.

  1. Slim or tight fitting trousers/jeans

Slim or tight fitted jeans suit the best on you if you are skinny. It gives your body an even shape. If you opt for jeans that are loose then your body shape may look a little weird. Slim fit trousers also suit those, who are blessed with athletic legs.

  1. Straight or tapered jeans

If you have thick and bulky legs then you must not wear tight fitted jeans as they will make your legs look even thicker. In this case, you should wear straight or tapered trousers that will even out your body structure and makes you look good. The best tapered trouser will be one, which is loose from the top and thin towards the ankle.

  1. Trousers for formal and casual events

You can choose a slim fit dress trouser, if you want to go to work or any other formal event. It gives a very modest look to your personality. However, if you wish to go for casual events then you can buy a pair of chinos that are light in color. They will make you look informal yet classy.


In order to get the best trouser, it is important to know the type of trouser, which will suit your body. The right trouser will definitely make you look good on any formal or casual events.